Ashleith is a figurative artist who has recently begun a series of paintings inspired by New Mexico’s hollyhocks, one of the few flowering plants that flourish in this dry, arid climate. She considers her paintings of hollyhocks portraits.

“As I paint each separate bud or blossom, flaunting its own personality and its own world awakening, I am constantly aware of the color, fueled by the hollyhock’s ambiance and statuesque bearing in the garden. Every day a new facet of the plant emerges, creating a constant explosion of muffled movement and floral body language that inspires my vision.”

Ashleith is a classically trained painter who earned an MFA from The Cecil-Graves Atelier in Florence, Italy.  Her talent as an artist was inherited. Both parents graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She has enjoyed a very successful career as a portraitist, a figurative and landscape painter, a printmaker and a ceramist. Her recent novel and screenplay, The Gypsy in Spanish Red, won acclaim in the Southwest Writers competition. Her art has hung in museums, corporate offices and embassies. We are thrilled to have her HOLLYHOCK SERIES here at La Posada, for sale at her studio prices.

Sara Eyestone, La Posada’s Art Curator

Curators Office:  505-954-9668

ASHLEITH REMEMBERS: “From an early age I was surrounded by the smell of paint fumes wafting through the house.  My parents always encouraged me to be an artist.  As artists themselves, they recognized my talent. I learned my creative craft by osmosis.  Having color variances pointed out and delineated by the chosen object of the moment was a common occurrence throughout my childhood.”