Cheryl Koen


Whether it is the poetry of a mustang in gallop or the sublime beauty of the southwestern landscape, Cheryl Koen's paintings reflect the spirit of the west and its inhabitants.  The wide open spaces conveyed in her work are meant to invoke a feeling of nostalgic connection with the wild West and dreams of times past.

Ms. Koen was influenced by the French Impressionists, but her unique style, as evident in her work, is a rare mix of realism and impressionism. Her portrayal of light and shadow gives a strong sense to the settings of her paintings. Soft color and dazzling sunlight have become her trademarks.  As an equine painter, Cheryl Koen's goal is to capture the essence and gesture of the horse.

The Artist has a fascination with portraying movement.  Her works where horses are moving through water, in particular, invoke a spirit where the viewer can almost hear and feel the splash of the  hooves as they cross to the other side.

She is known for her sensitivity to the texture and color.  From the moodiness of gathering clouds to horses basking in the sun or wading through the Rio Chama, that essence of her plein aire paintings is captured on her magical canvasses.

Always an artist,  Koen has spent a lifetime studying and honing her skills.  After studying art in college and from several present day masters, in 1998, Koen pursued her passion for painting full time.  This leap of faith has been recorded in the book "What Next? Women Redefining Their Dreams in the Prime of Life" by Rene Pederson.   Cheryl Koen is an ongoing associate member of the prestigious national association of Oil Painters of America.

Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator
Curator's Office:  505 -954-9668

"As a child I sketched horses and faces endlessly.  I always drew, from the time I could hold a pencil.  I continue to  seek new material that stimulate ideas  that begin with an ÒahaÓ moment.  I sketch the idea, mix my palette, and finally I paint!  I am never bored.  Every day I am eager to go to my studio and get to work.  It is a true passion that encompasses just about everything I do.  I am grateful to see life through the eyes of an artist."