Kathleen Frank

The subjects of Kathleen Frank's magical oil paintings focus on landscapes and folk art in still life. She creates her compositions on bright red canvases that give her earthy palette another dimension. The red under-painting outlines each brush stroke, adding a remarkable flair to each piece. She paints with a centuries-old technique called a "grid system". By drawing grid lines through her sketch and repeating those lines on a canvas of similar shape, the Artist paints the canvas, grid by grid, without re-drawing the composition from sketch pad to canvas. Kathleen Frank began her art career as a wood carver. A close look at her paintings reveal that same "hand" as she uses small brushes with decisive strokes, reminiscent of perfectly placed chisel marks on a precise carving. 

On a personal note, a visit to Kathleen Frank's Santa Fe studio is like walking into one of her glorious oil paintings, ablaze with bold, beautiful colors! We encourage our Guests who love her work to visit her studio in person. It is the high point of the vacation, for those who make time, and my pleasure to make the arrangements. Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator Curator's Office: 505-954-9668

KATHLEEN FRANK REMEMBERS: "Around the age of five, I distinctly remember painting at my easelwith big brushes and huge pots of bright colors. I papered our kitchen walls with my work. My favorite trips were to visit Artists who were friends of my parents – the landscape painter next door in Corona del Mar, the potter and the printmaker in the Mother Lode. I wanted that life of invention and creativity. I majored in art in college, taught art, worked as a woodcarver, performance artist, printmaker and painter.Looking back, I've always been an Artist, but I didn't start calling myself ARTIST until I was an adult and began painting full time."