Leonardo Pieterse

THE ART CURATOR’S PROFILE OF LEONARDO PIETERSE: Leonardo Pieterse’s latest works include Morning Glories and Jimson Weed blossoms which abound throughout the Southwest. He began this series of flowers when he was in Oakland, California with an original idea of portraying the grittiness of the city, veiled by plants and flowers found in the area. This idea proved far too complex. After some experimentation the artist used gold leaf for backgrounds. The simplification of his original concept has proven to be a glitteringly beautiful series that has taken the artist full cycle. His New Mexican blossom pieces defy description! They are truly a feast for the eyes. Mr. Pieterse is now introducing other elements into his gilded floral compositions, such as adobe walled churches and village scenes, inspired by Truchas, New Mexico, where he and his wife, artist Trish Booth, live and work.

On a personal note, last fall I considered finding other galleries for some of our artists so that we would have more wall space for those that remained in La Posada’s Gallery Collection. My first problem with this idea happened before I approached any other galleries: there was not one artist in our stable that I could imagine not having at the hotel! At the time I was thinking about this, I was introduced to the amazing paintings of Sally Delap-John by the writer, Liz Rose. I visited Delap-John’s Truchas studio and not only asked her to join us, but with her introduction to Trish Booth and Leonardo Pieterse, La Posada added three more artists to their stable! There is so much more talent in the world than there are walls!

To see the work of Trish Booth, please click here. To see the work of Sally Delap-John click here.

Sara Eyestone, La Posada’s Art Curator Curator’s Office: 505-954-9668

LEONARDO PIETERSE REMEMBERS: “I am a native of Cape Town in South Africa, and after a career as an art teacher in South Africa, Connecticut, and California, my wife and I are now able to devote ourselves full time to creating art in our New Mexico studios.”