Nancy B. Frank

American Artist Nancy B. Frank has worked successfully in areas as varied as wooden jewelry, sculptured cakes, painted furniture, and photography, but she is known throughout the country as a painter of horses.  Her larger-than-life creations on oversized, gallery-wrapped canvases become focal points with every Collector.  Her work is captivating, theatrical, stunning, and painterly.  The word that comes to mind is Bravo!  We are thrilled to feature Nancy B. Frank's original acrylic paintings of horses here in the Art Hotel, La Posada de Santa Fe. 
Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator  
Curator's Office:  505-954-9668  

NANCY B. FRANK REMEMBERS:  "I wasn't just a horse crazy kid. I thought I was a horse!  Little did I realize that dreams come true and that someday I would be riding my own horse and eventually become inspired to paint horses night and day after dividing my creative energies between so many medias, styles, and subjects.  It took me a lifetime's journey to be able to see what was in front of me all along.  When I decided to choose one favorite subject and build a body of work, I made the decision to focus on my passion for horses and my fascination with tack and the rider, and I then simply followed my heart."