Patrick Dean Hubbell

Patrick Dean Hubbell is the only "up and coming" Artist in La Posada's Gallery Collection. The others are established professionals with followings and substantial resumes. He is just beginning his professional career with prize-worthy work included in a number of juried exhibitions in prestigious venues like The Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. He is one of the young stars at Indian Market here in Santa Fe each summer. Mr. Hubbell is Navajo, and his art reflects his extraordinary heritage. He graduated in art from Arizona State University several years ago and since then has spent time working on an amazing series of paintings that he refers to as THE BRIGHTER SIDE. Most of this work pays tribute to his elders who are Native Americans from various tribes, although there are younger Natives in this series as well. Sunglasses are one of the common denominators shared by the subjects in this series, and they signify the connection between Hubbell's younger generation and his elders. 

Patrick Dean Hubbell Remembers:

"I became aware of my artistic ability and talent at a very young age. The basics, like drawing, design, and composition, were all easily learned. It wasn't until my high school that I really started to excel and take art classes seriously. In the back of my mind I knew that art was something I wanted to pursue as a career choice. My family always stressed that education, mixed with a passion for what I loved doing and was good at, was the way to choose a career. Being an Artist means having certain freedoms that allow me to create, mimic, and transform works of art through a certain creative, intuitive, and technical process in the pursuit of consistency and control. I am inspired and continue to develop my talents as I make art."

For more information on the work of Patrick Dean Hubbell, please contact curator Sara Eyestone at 505-954-9668.