Sarah J. Webber

Sarah J. Webber paints animals with souls with originals in collections all over the world.  So many artists try to copy her paintings, but Sarah J. Webber's are the originals, painted from her heart with an enormous amount of talent.  

After her work was featured in our Gallery Collection here at La Posada for at least a year, I asked the artist if she would consider painting wolves.  I had a number of requests from visitors who once attended The University of New Mexico where Lobos are the name of the sports teams.  

The artist was thrilled with the idea, but told me that it would not happen until she could make time to return to Yellowstone.  That was the only place she could see wolves in their natural habitat, and a wolf in the wild is the best subject.  No wonder her paintings have souls! 

Those who love animals understand.

Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator
Curator's Office:  505-954-9668

"I have always been in the arts.  I started drawing at about a year old, singing at nine months (ask my Mom!).  Played the piano for nine years, then the viola, and I took drawing lessons in high school.  In college I majored in voice.  After singing professionally in my twenties, I moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where I met professional painters and sculptors.  I loved everything about their lives, which included getting out and painting from life.  I decided that was what I wanted to do forever, and I chose my love of animals for inspiration.  That was years ago. Today I continue to paint every day.  I have a clear vision of how I live my life and communicate with my art."