Trish Booth

As the Art Curator at La Posada it is my pleasure to introduce the original art of Trish Booth and her husband, Leonardo Pieterse, to our guests and visitors.  They have a home/studio/gallery on the high road to Taos and you are always welcome to visit them in person.  For a map please contact me at my office. 

The bold and colorful paintings of Trish Booth are brilliantly executed modern simplifications of New Mexican landscapes and adobe architecture.  Ms. Booth's original thought is apparent in every piece she creates.  Her unique designs are often copied by others.  It is no wonder.  Her stylized paintings are gorgeous!      
Trish Booth looks forward to the early challenges she encounters beginning each new painting.  Her initial ideas and the creation of her compositions are always high points for the artist.  In the early stages of each painting she has several pieces in progress so that when the oil paint on one is too wet to continue, she goes to work on another.   After the painting is well underway, her focus remains on one composition at a time. 

At La Posada we show and sell every artist's original work at their studio price.  Whether you see originals at the hotel, visit the artist's studio, or look at art on their web sites, when you actually buy the work through the hotel, you are invited to return to La Posada every visit with a half-priced room and no resort fees.  It is our way of thanking you for supporting the artists.

Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator

Curator's Office:  505-954-9668

TRISH BOOTH REMEMBERS:  "My studio is on the north side of the house, with perfect light for painting. First thing I do in the morning after coffee is to light a fire in the wood stove in the studio - even on nice days it's a bit cool on the north side. Snowy days are one of my favorite times to paint.  A cozy fire inside, a blanket of snow outside the big picture window, some traditional Celtic fiddle tunes on the iPod, and I'm all set!"