Is La Posada de Santa Fe Haunted?

Julia Staab

In 1882, a prosperous merchant named Abraham Staab built his three-story brick mansion - in the French Second Empire-style - on property that now belongs to La Posada and has since become an important place in Santa Fe history. Abraham and his wife, Julia, entertained Santa Fe society in the grand residence decorated with the finest European materials. Legend has it that Mrs. Staab loved her home so much that she has never left it. In recent years, her alleged spirit has been the subject of many ghost tours and episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, Weird Travels and Lifetime TV's "The Haunting of...". The Staab House stands today in the form of a bar, where guests of La Posada enjoy cocktails and light Southwestern fare. Some have even reported meeting the grand lady.

Embark on a memorable stay to the former home of Julia Staab, now a part of La Posada de Santa Fe, a legendary Southwestern resort. Stay where Julia Staab lived and experience an artful stay like no other.  

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Julia's great-great-granddaughter, Hannah Nordhaus, has just written a fascinating book on Julia's life and legacy, "American Ghost, A Family's Haunted Past in the Desert Southwest".  The book is available on-site at the spa gift shop or can be ordered directly from the publisher by clicking here.