Carole Olson

“I was told many years ago that the definition of ‘Inspired Art’ reflects the level of communication between what the artist created and how viewers respond.  I am mindful of this with every painting I create.  I focus on something unique in each of my subjects.  That can simply mean the look in the eyes of a child or the way light enters the composition at just the right spot to illuminate and highlight a color or an entire palette of colors.  I am inspired, and this is why I paint.  That certain magical chemistry that happens when I stand in a front of a blank canvas and imagine my painting completed moves me.  I will have it no other way.”

Carole Olson is our newest artist at the hotel.  Her series of New Mexican Children will soon include a collection of Spanish boys and girls that we will add to this Native American group.  It is a pleasure to represent her work at La Posada. 

Sara Eyestone, Art Curator