James Wyatt Hendricks

“My studio is my playground and my face to the world.  I have about 4000 square feet with a high 20 foot ceiling, located on the west side of downtown San Antonio. Order abounds.   

Visitors take interest in my hand built blacksmith forge, an assortment of welders, torches, grinders, and all the sculptor’s tools imaginable. The walls are covered with my paintings and found objects that interest or inspire ideas. There is a large work-yard outside, surrounded by a tall, decorative steel-gated fence.  Art is in the making.  It is no wonder that my studio is my comfort zone.

I work at my studio on a wide range of mediums that include oil painting, stone carving, forged steel, cast bronze, printmaking and traditional welding. I am considered a master craftsman, and I take my work very seriously.  

My goal is to engage viewers, touch their emotions, and share what I feel. My intention through sculpture is to create a balancing act which mirrors the perfection in nature, and I strive for that ideal in every piece I create.  Attention to detail is essential and defines my work.

My sculptures featured at La Posada are graceful; the proportions reflect the movement and forms around us.  I consciously bridge together natural elements with the industrial, reflecting the world where we live.”

As the Art Curator at La Posada de Santa Fe it gives me great pleasure to introduce the exceptional work of James Wyatt Hendricks.  He is known for his brilliant style as seen in his public art pieces.  The new work we have here at the hotel is designed for residential garden settings.  Each piece could be re-created in a much larger format for commercial spaces, but as you see them throughout La Posada’s gardens and here indoors in the hotel, they are intimate and elegant and extremely affordable.   His sculpture at La Posada is for sale at his studio prices.  I am proud to own a piece of his work myself.

Please contact me for more information about James Wyatt Hendricks and his spectacular art.                                          Sara Eyestone, La Posada’s Art Curator
505-577-4991 saraeyestone@yahoo.com