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The 2022 Top 25 Historic Hotels of America Most Magnificent Gardens List Announced

April 19, 2022 8:52 pm

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Historic Hotels of America have some of the most magnificent and beautiful storybook gardens. Multigenerational guests select a historic hotel, resort, or inn to explore, experience, and discover their own ever-blossoming memories in beautiful gardens where multigenerational hosts have cared for gardens over the centuries. Many the hotels feature grounds designed by legendary landscape architects Frederick Law Olmsted and his son, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. Several historic hotels on this list employ beekeepers to ensure their gardens remain pollinated and thriving, and even cultivate honey from their own apiaries to make house meads and keep their restaurants supplied with sweet, fragrant garnishes. More than a few hotels recognized here adhere to a “seed to table” or “field to table” philosophy, growing their own vegetables and herbs next door to their signature restaurants. Numerous life-long memories of special occasions celebrated in the gardens of historic hotels include romantic getaways, romantic proposals, honeymoons, anniversaries, and family reunions. Whether you are sharing a meal, a vow, or a stroll, these magnificent gardens of Historic Hotels of America will make your next tranquil getaway one you will never forget.


Set on six beautifully landscaped acres in Santa Fe’s downtown, La Posada de Santa Fe was originally constructed as a mansion known as The Staab House. La Posada has been a member of Historic Hotels of America since 2019 and is among the most exclusive destinations in New Mexico. La Posada’s history harkens back to a German émigré named Abraham Staab and his wife, Julia. Abraham had specifically arrived in Santa Fe in the mid-1850s, after taking the arduous journey along the Santa Fe Trail with his family. The gardens at La Posada de Santa Fe trace their history back to Julia Staab and the garden she planted in the late 1800s. Today, there are many walkways for guests to explore a variety of fruit trees, walnut trees, hickory trees, elm trees, aspen trees, and cherry blossom trees. Some of these historical trees are over 130 years in age. Guests can view the beauty of natural grasses with a variety of roses, all shades of lilacs, butterfly bushes, and daffodils. The best time to see the most vibrant blooms is from May to September.