Find Peace at Our Full-Service Santa Fe Spa

La Posada de Santa Fe Spa & Salon

The Spa at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa is an intimate sanctuary, combining luxury, elegance, serenity and comfort. 

Locally inspired therapies, expertly applied treatments, and indigenous products set La Posada de Santa Fe Spa & Salon apart from other spas in Santa Fe. Housed in a soothing setting, including classic adobe architecture and enchanting decor, our luxury provides holistic health and wellness services, including a full-service salon, fitness center, saline pool, yoga classes, personal training and private yoga sessions.

Contact our Santa Fe spa for more information by calling 505-954-9630.

About Our Spa

Our spa in Santa Fe reflects the tranquility and rich healing heritage of the city and region, offering high-quality treatments administered by expertly trained professionals. Housed in charming adobe-style architecture and surrounded by rich textures and stylish decor, the spa provides a restful and restorative experience.

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