Tequila Donkey for Weddings & Celebrations

Celebrate in Southwestern Style & Charm in Santa Fe

A unique touch to Santa Fe weddings, tequila donkeys are an especially popular southwestern tradition. This custom originated in Mexico, and has quickly become desirable addition to celebrations and weddings in New Mexico. Imagine the setting: beneath a starlit sky, guests move to the hotel ballroom for an elegant dinner and celebratory dancing. At the conclusion of the cake cutting ceremony, the band erupts into the tune “Tequila.” The ballroom doors open and Conchita, the tequila donkey, enters the room.

Outfitted with colorful custom ice cooler boxes, the wedding donkey is accompanied by the donkey’s trainers and a bartender who serves the guests tequila shots, complete with limes and salt, that are stored in special compartments in the saddle. The Director of Catering at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa, offers this special option for individuals planning Santa Fe weddings at the resort and has found it to be a growing popular celebration choice.

This is sure to be one wedding guests won’t soon forget. Eric Roybal, owner of Conchita, the Tequila Donkey at La Posada de Santa Fe, says she is a gentle well-trained donkey who loves attention. For more information on adding a tequila donkey to your celebration, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

*Photo courtesy of Rick Scibelli