Adam Baker

“Northern Nevada was my home for much of my younger life, moving around the mountains and high deserts to various copper mines. The rugged faces of miners, ranchers, cowboys and loggers have all appeared in my paintings at one time or another. Their honesty tells a unique story. I love to try and capture that ‘mileage’ in my work. These paintings are what I like to call ‘Biographies In Oil’.

Currently I reside just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico as the people and the places of the rural western United States are very much a part of who I am.  I work primarily in oils, but do explore other mediums as well. My main goal with a painting is to simply portray people caught in the act of being human.  I suppose the best definition for my style would be ‘painterly realism’. 

 Being a professional barber for nearly thirty years now has actually become somewhat of an unintentional catalyst for my artwork. Most of the paintings have been of customers who were generous enough to model for me. This has given me quite an up close advantage when it comes to the study of facial anatomy. There are no two faces the same, and I love the variety God created in all of us! He gave me an ability to make art, and I’m just teaching myself the rest. Making art, especially painting people and making sculpture, is my life’s passion!

My work has been featured on Oregon Art Beat, an Oregon Public Broadcasting station, and appeared in several publications including International Artist’s Magazine’s 100 ways to paint People & Figures, V-8 Times Magazine for Early Ford Enthusiasts, Nevada Magazine, and several national news stations and newspapers throughout North America.”

Adam Baker is our newest Artist to show original paintings at La Posada, and we are thrilled to have his glorious work!  All of his paintings are for sale at his studio price.  Please contact our Art Curator, Sara Eyestone, with any questions or for more information.  If you purchase art at La Posada you become one of our Collectors and are welcome to stay at the hotel each time you return to Santa Fe with a discounted room and no daily resort fees.  It is our way of thanking collectors for supporting our artists.

Art Curator Sara Eyestone’s mobile:  505-577-4991