Arlene Mollow


Arlene Mollow has been painting professionally for over forty years.  She has always experimented with techniques and supplies, and followed her interests with perfection.

Regardless of her media, the Artist’s modern abstracts have continually featured unusual combinations of fresh colors with sensual textures.  She is widely known for her work in collogue, watercolors, and oil paint.  This Water Series is her first collection using encaustic techniques.

Encaustics are created with colored, melted wax.  They are cured and resist changes in temperature, much like oil paintings.

Most recently her Water Series was introduced in an solo exhibition on the east coast, and most of the pieces sold to private collectors. It is no wonder.  Her work is in demand.

The Artist maintains studios in New York City and at the Jersey Shore, and for decades her art has been the focus of numerous, prestigious, one-woman shows.

This is the first time her original work has been seen in New Mexico other than in private collections.  As the Art Curator at La Posada, it is a pleasure to introduce OCEANS, RIVERS, & STREAMS to our visitors and guests.

For more information about this talented artist or any of the others featured in the Gallery Collection at La Posada, please contact me at 505-954-9668.

Sara Eyestone, La Posada de Santa Fe’s Art Curator