Bob Pankey

“Back in 1980, when I was in College, I put myself though school selling pen and ink prints of the local pubs at Texas A&M University.  During graduation ceremonies, the students would walk by my booth and beg their parents to buy one of my prints while kiddingly explaining that they would spend more time at Dudley’s and the Dixie Chicken than they did in classes!  Though my commercial career as an artist began while chasing my college degree, I feel I’ve been creative all of my life.

Carving wood decoys, creating graphic web-site images, playing music and making homemade wine all became a significant part of my creative lifestyle.  I originally worked with graphite and ink mediums.  I began to work in color after years of travel, creating a direction I have developed.

I enjoy painting wildlife because my observation of animals challenges me to explore their essence through color.  In my current series of oil paintings I find that everything becomes a passionate response on canvas.  I use a unique approach in my oil paintings with bright, expressive color and exaggerated brush strokes.

As an artist I am also influenced by painters, Andree Hudson, Jeff Hamm, John Nieto and my wife, Jill Pankey.  My paintings are meant to capture my subjects with spontaneity, exploration and personal expression.  I am often asked how long it takes me to paint one of my paintings, and always answer that it has taken all my life.”