Dale Claude Lamphere

“Creating my sculpture is a process-driven love affair. I find a stone that speaks to me, and I begin to explore its form by drawing around it, being attentive to volume, textures and balance. From this exploration, I then create a context in steel that supports and clarifies the impulse that originally captured my attention. Sometimes this context becomes a synthesis that gives birth to an entirely new object; sometimes it is an echo of the stone, and sometimes simply a supportive environment. Always, it is an adventure into the unknown that nurtures my love of sculpture.”

After forty years, professional sculptor Dale Claude Lamphere finds the underlying truth of natural forms and enduring inspiration. The sweep of clouds across sky, wind, water and rolling landforms evoke in him a

distilled and elegant response.

He has created over fifty large-scale works exploring a broad range of materials and subjects from monumental landscapes to the human form to the abstract. The common thread is a sense of the natural, lyric gesture and full volume that he sees in the environment.

Lamphere has completed public commissions from the Basilica of the National Shrine, Washington, D.C. to the City of Burbank, California. Recent public art commissions are in Edmond, Oklahoma, Rapid City, Colorado Springs, and Kansas City. Lamphere is nationally recognized and has received the Anna Hyatt Huntington Award and numerous honors for creative achievement. His body of work includes classic figurative sculpture, portraiture, and large-scale landforms.

We are thrilled to have the phenomenal work of this brilliant sculptor here at La Posada.  As you enter the property his larger-than-life piece TYING ON THE EAGLE PLUME, featuring an elder Lakota woman with her grandchild in a rite of passage, graces our property.  His GREY EAGLE sculpture that is featured on the outside wall in the front of the hotel was created like all of his work, from life.  ST. FRANCIS is exhibited on the walkway past the Spa, and all of these pieces plus the smaller works inside La Posada by Mr. Lamphere are for sale at the artist’s studio prices.  Each bronze piece is created from clay in small editions.

For more information about Dale Claude Lamphere, please contact our Art Curator, Sara Eyestone.  505-954-9668 or saraeyestone@yahoo.com.