Darlene Olivia McElroy

 “Born a world traveler to a family of storytellers, I have spent many years traveling solo around the world absorbing the history, color and textures of the places I visited. This background is my treasured internal baggage that I travel daily with.

Every morning when I go to my studio and start to work, I think of the story I want to tell that day. Often I don’t know the whole story but start with a veiled idea of where to begin. The stories usually evolve while I am adding thin layers of paint, texture and images. It is a puzzle, and often I am surprised with the final evolution of my visual story. It is very much like reading a book where the ending only reveals itself on the very last page.

I love the richness of history and imagery and mixing them up to give new meanings. You can look at my art and see different stories with each viewing and by each viewer. I want the world to read their own stories into my art, not necessarily read mine.”

Darlene Olivia McElroy is our newest artist to be featured in La Posada’s exclusive Gallery Collection, and we are thrilled to have her fascinating mixed media pieces.  If you are interested in meeting the artist at her studio, she is one of our artists who lives locally.  Please speak to Sara Eyestone, our Art Curator, and she will arrange an appointment for you or take you there herself.  Telephone Sara Eyestone at 505-954-9668 or the hotel extension of 7668.

More of Darlene Olivia McElroy’s remarkable work is featured in La Posada’s Lobby near the Concierge Desk as well as in the Lobby Powder Room.

All of the originals in the hotel’s Gallery Collection are for sale at the artist’s studio prices.  La Posada supports the arts by supporting the artists and does not mark up the work for the benefit of the artist’s collectors.  To purchase a piece by this extraordinary artist, please do so at the front desk.