Doug Coffin

Doug Coffin’s Grandmother’s are Native Americans; his art at La Posada, typical of his work that is featured in Embassies and private collections all over the world, is inspired by symbols and mythology of his heritage.

The Sun and Moon represent Male and Female energy in the cosmos. Snakes are the carriers of knowledge from the underworld.  The Redlines seen in his art signify the Heart-line.

In a recent interview at the Artist’s studio, Doug Coffin said, “Most of the symbols in my work relate to “Power Objects” of Native Americans as well as tribal art throughout the world.”

As La Posada’s Art Curator, I am honored to have the incredible sculptures of Doug Coffin in our Gallery Collection.  His sculptures are outside the main door of the hotel with the exception of MOON DANCE TOTEM which is in the garden near the patio.  All of his work is for sale at his studio prices, like the other artists featured in La Posada’s Gallery Collection.

Sara Eyestone, Artist and Curator
Telephone 505-577-4991