Elizabeth Elequin

“Ask anyone what their favorite color is and they will be able to tell you.”

“For most it is a color they have held close to their heart throughout their lives… color they incorporate into their most personal spaces and clothing.  I have spent the better part of my life searching for my chosen color, never being able to decide on one particular hue.  For me, each color is a gift. 

The anticipation of opening the gift and the elation of finding what is inside is exactly what I feel when creating a color palette for each piece of work.  The anticipation never escapes me, and the possibilities are always endless.  Color is my passion, and when you look at my paintings, that is what makes each piece irresistible and overwhelming.

My thoughts always turn to a statement made by a young artist who said that in heaven there are colors we could never imagine here on earth.  I always find this consideration to be mesmerizing because I am continuously pushing the hues in my paintings – making them distinct and unequaled through contrasts, blends, textures, accents, sheens … always reaching to create compositions never seen before. 

I have my diverse cultural heritage to thank for my passion.  My Father is of Filipino and Mexican descent and my Mother is Irish. My paintings are as bold and vibrant as the cultures that have filled my life. 

I have shown my work in New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona and South Korea and it is now featured in Santa Fe and Telluride. I am thrilled to be represented there, and look forward to painting blossoms from the gardens throughout the next few years.”

Elizabeth Elequin is a young artist with a following.  She is in her thirties, lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, and is represented in Santa Fe at La Posada  where Sara Eyestone is the art curator and features original art by established, living American artists.  All of the art at La Posada de Santa Fe is for sale at the artist’s studio prices.  The hotel does not mark up the prices.  For more information please contact the art curator at 505-954-9668 or saraeyestone@yahoo.com