Kathleen Frank

Kathleen Frank is a landscape artist, born in California, where she earned a BA in Art and Design and a California Teachers Certificate.  Kathleen taught art in public and private schools and later earned a Master of Arts Degree in Printmaking from Pennsylvania State University.  She founded and co-owned the Printmakers Studio Workshop of Central Pennsylvania, a working studio and gallery for artists.

Kathleen paints the land, wherever she is. While living in Pennsylvania she painted the green ridges and valleys with their rolling farms. In California she paints the Sierra Nevada Mountains and her Marin County homeland between the mountains and the sea.

Since 2002 her spirited work has focused on New Mexico, painting the land of ancient farms, and the colorful and uniquely rugged landscapes of the mountains and river valleys.

“The paintings I’ve done of these inspiring places are a communion with the lands that I love. They begin with red-orange covering the entire canvas.  When the under-painting is dry, I actually begin painting compositions with the color and richness of unexpected randomness and patterning of nature.  Painting allows me to see more clearly.”

Each original oil painting by Kathleen Frank is masterfully done. Her joyful originals are featured in Santa Fe exclusively here at La Posada.  The artist is one of our most popular, and it is not surprising.  Her work is in demand.

The artist’s paintings are for sale here at the hotel, like all of the other originals displayed in our public areas, at studio prices.  We do not mark up the work.  Furthermore, if you purchase a painting from La Posada you will be part of our Collector’s Group and invited to return each time with a discounted room and no daily resort fees, with the exception of four blackout dates.  It is our way of thanking collectors for supporting our artists.  What  a pleasure to see them again and again!   

If you are interested in collecting the work of Kathleen Frank, please contact our Art Curator, Sara Eyestone.    505-577-4991   saraeyestone@yahoo.com