Liz Maness

“My oil paintings are an extension of my personality. When my garden begins to bloom I have no control over my desire to capture the color of that day’s moment.  I work non-stop developing my compositions, getting each blossom turned in just the right position, each shadow perfectly placed, each element of the painting thought through carefully before I mix my palette, because my overall design is essential in creating a gorgeous work of art.”

American Artist Liz Maness lives and works in her Wimberly, Texas studio and shows her paintings in New Mexico exclusively at La Posada.  She began the study of art in 1970 at Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Art, Houston, Texas, and she has had the privilege of studying with exceptional instructors throughout the years, always striving to achieve a higher level in her painting.

Known for her brilliant compositions in oils, the work of Liz Maness is often compared to that of Mary Cassatt, and like the master that went before her, most of the florals from the artist’s paintings are inspired by her own colorful garden.  The hard, shiny surfaced vessels and luscious fruits, done in her signature style, are also found in the work of Mary Cassatt.

The artist’s passion for painting is reflected in her award-winning work.  “There is nothing in the world as exciting for me as putting paint on canvas.  I am inspired first by the color of a lovely flower and then it all begins to fall into place as I add complimentary items to enhance my composition, which is a very important aspect of my paintings.”

Collector Janet Chang, whose most recent acquisition by the artist is MARIGOLDS IN SALT JAR says, “I love seeing her work in the galleries, and love it even more in my own home!”

Please contact the Art Curator, Sara Eyestone.  505-954-9668.