Mary Shephard

Mary Shepard is famous for her watercolors, and we are thrilled to have her original paintings exclusively in Santa Fe here at La Posada.  Her “American Heritage Series” of abandoned New Mexican trucks is featured in the Stabb House with her newest collection titled “Technicolor Cactus”.

“Working in watercolor is thrilling because of the medium’s spontaneity and also because of the luminous, intense colors that I so naturally mix on my palette.  I love Bold Color!  It rejuvenates me!”

While Ms. Shepard paints a variety of imaginative subjects, this talented artist is best known for her ‘portraits’ of old trucks and cars.  Through her paintings she is inspired to tell the stories of these faithful old friends who are a part of our heritage.

Mary Shepard’s series of trucks began when she happened upon an old ‘friend’ left rusting under a tree in the countryside. “I have always enjoyed traveling on country roads where I find exciting painting subjects to transform into works of art”, explained the artist in a recent interview at her studio.  “I am a native New Mexican, and even though I don’t live there anymore, the wide open spaces and desert views continue to influence my work.  Growing up on a farm in this land of many contrasts helped me develop my passion for color and light which led to my explorations with watercolors.”

Ms. Shepard has a Fine Arts Degree and has studied with several well-known artists; however, her unmistakable style is quite her own. Her paintings are in private collections throughout the country, and it is no surprise that the work of this award-winning artist is in demand.  Her expressive paintings are a feast for the eye!

All of the original art in La Posada is for sale.  If you are interested in more information about Mary Shepard or any of the other American Artists featured in La Posada’s Gallery Collection, please contact the hotel’s Art Curator, Sara Eyestone.  505-954-9668 or hotel extension 7668.  To purchase a work of art, please do so at the front desk.