Here’s Where to Find Best Art Hotels in the United States

“Santa Fe is an art lover’s dream. Cerulean skies beam down on an adobe spread and deep reds and browns paint the town in a Southwest patina. In the small town set against a vast high desert, natural beauty primes Santa Fe’s creative drive. La Posada aims to encapsulate this art, offering it to paying pilgrims.

La Posada sets guests in a late 19th-century mansion, a former artist’s refuge where Georgia O’Keefe found the quiet needed to create. Today, it’s an arts haven, housing a huge collection curated by local artist Sara Eyestone. Works from local and nationally recognized artists are everywhere you look at the La Posada, and you can get involved as well with Eyestone’s regular painting workshops, memoir writing classes, and weekly tours.

Outside, the desert vibes continue in a funky downtown with excellent New Mexican cuisine on offer after trips to any of the other several visual excursions.”

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