Hotel near Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

Come take in the world’s largest marketplace and festival of folk art, and call La Posada de Santa Fe your home away from home when you do!

The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market (IFAM) celebrates the oft-underappreciated artisans of the globe: those who carry on traditional crafts and “whose creative skills convey their community’s authentic cultural identity, rather than an individual or idiosyncratic artistic identity,” as the IFAM’s website defines folk art.

The purpose of the event is to give these folk artists a spotlight and some financial support in their vibrant and perseverant endeavors, a major collective industry in the developing world but often bulldozed over by the grinding forces of the global economy.

The International Festival of Folk Art 2018

This year’s IFAM, the 15th annual, takes place from Friday, July 13th through Sunday, July 15th at Museum Hill in Camino Lejo: just a few minutes from La Posada de Santa Fe. More than 150 folk artists from some 60 countries will participate, and 20,000 visitors will come appreciate their craftsmanship and cultural expressions.

Basketry and textiles, jewelry and leatherwork, beadwork and pottery, woodwork and metalwork: There’ll be an astonishing spectrum of arts and crafts for display and sale at IFAM 2018, and an awful lot of community spirit palpable as well. Consider the festival a globe-spanning tour of culture and artistry, and thus your entry effectively a ticket around the world.

Live Entertainment & Cuisine at the 2018 International Folk Art Market

In addition to the visual art at hand, the IFAM schedule also comes stocked with live music and dance of similarly cosmopolitan focus. You’ll get to enjoy performers from Scandinavia, Mexico, West Africa, Indonesia, and more throughout the festivities.

And then there are the gastronomic delights of IFAM’s International Food Bazaar, serving up dishes from Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean to our own Southwestern backyard.

Join Us at La Posada de Santa Fe for the International Folk Art Market

Learn more about purchasing tickets for IFAM 2018, transportation options, and other details at the official FAQ, and meanwhile lock down your luxury accommodations nearby at La Posada de Santa Fe, appropriately enough the “Art Hotel of Santa Fe.” We’ll see you for this incredible event, the biggest showcase of international folk art in the world, and right here in our backyard!

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