Lodging for Film Production Crew & Casting in Santa Fe

As many in the film industry have come to learn, the Land of Enchantment is a fantastic place to make television and movies. That would be true based on the quality and variety of the scenery alone, let alone all of the financial incentives and logistical resources.

Meanwhile, you’ll find the perfect accommodations for film production crews and casts at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa, offering expansive and well-appointed accommodations and on-site amenities in the New Mexico capital, just steps from the iconic Santa Fe Plaza.

The Appeal of New Mexico as a Filming & Post-Production Destination

Defined by piercing beauty and impressive variety, the New Mexico landscape is as cinematic as they come. Rimrock escarpments, dreamlike mesas and buttes, snow-cloaked mountains and high forests, endless grasslands and surreal dunes: This is countryside that embodies the popular vision of the American West. The natural terrain may be the showstopper draw for the camera lens, but there’s also the manmade sightlines, which include everything from modern urban settings and classic Southwestern adobe architecture to towns (and ghost towns) that look as if they’re still firmly inhabiting the Old West.

Then there’s the fact that New Mexico has the biggest production crew between Los Angeles and New York and offers an enticing lineup of rebates and incentives. Little surprise the state is such a popular destination for makers of TV, movies, music videos, and advertisements.

Ideal New Mexico Film Production Lodgings at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa

You’ll have everything you need for comfortable accommodations and business resources when you choose La Posada de Santa Fe as your base of operations for a New Mexico film production. Besides our 157 rooms and suites, splendidly Southwestern in their casita-style design, and besides our wide array of on-site amenities—including some of Santa Fe’s finest dining and a topnotch spa—we offer crews a wealth of specific support.

As a guest of ours, you’ll have at your disposal our La Posada de Santa Fe film liaison, with personal film concierge and scouting/location-visit services. That’s all on top of a full business center, varied meeting/event venues, covered garage parking, free Wi-Fi, and other business-oriented on-site amenities, not to mention waived resort fees.

When it comes to unwinding during production or post-production work, you only need to consider our lineup of restaurants and lounges—including our flagship Julia, A Spirited Restaurant & Bar and our Staab House cocktail bar, set in a 19th-century mansion—plus our swimming pool, the ravishing Spa Sage, and our 24-hour fitness center.

We would be more than happy to field any questions you may have about the amenities and hospitality we offer film production crews. We’ve hosted many such outfits over the years and are well versed in the unique needs of the business, and we’d love to show you the same world-class service!

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