Luxury Resort near Historic Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe is among the most historically rich cities in the United States, claiming more than 400 years as an established Euro-American settlement and a far more venerable Amerindian heritage. The centuries-old Santa Fe Plaza with its vintage architecture and multicultural markets embodies the marvelous dialogue between past, present, and future that pervades New Mexico’s capital.

It’s appropriate, then, that the luxury resort of La Posada de Santa Fe should treat its guests not only to such top-shelf accommodations and amenities, but also to plenty of its own fascinating history, intertwined with the main channel of the city’s.

The Staabs

The core of the property is the Staab House, the French Second Empire-style brick mansion built in the 1880s by German-American immigrants Abraham and Julia Staab. After making his fortune in New Mexico Territory, Abraham had returned to Germany in 1865 to marry Julia. The lavish three-story home they eventually occupied became a hub of Santa Fe high society, while Abraham served as the first president of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and (allegedly) joined the Santa Fe Ring.

The Staabs had eight children, but one of their daughters died as an infant. That tragedy as well as a number of unsuccessful pregnancies weighed heavily on Julia, who struggled with depression even as she expertly performed the role of a high-profile socialite and hostess. Saddled with grief, she died at age 52 in 1896; Abraham lived another 17 years.

Of course, many believe Julia has never actually left her elegant Santa Fe mansion, now incorporated into La Posada de Santa Fe’s luxury-scape. She’s just about the best-known ghost in Santa Fe, making periodic appearances at the head of the Staab House’s grand staircase or in the Nason Room overlying the original formal gardens. She appears in “a dark flowing gown and a hood,” according to La Posada’s former general manager Michael Cerletti, and her lingering presence has drawn multiple television crews to the resort, from Unsolved Mysteries to Weird Travels. Her great-great-granddaughter, Hannah Nordhaus, has written a book about Julia titled American Ghost.

As the Staab House is now a lively watering hole—“the coziest bar in Santa Fe,” according to Travel + Leisure—it’s only right that we supply our patrons with a beverage suitable for toasting Julia and her shade: a signature margarita called, appropriately enough, the Juliarita.

Experience New Mexico History (and a Luxury Resort Vacation) at La Posada de Santa Fe

Come experience the history and the luxury of La Posada de Santa Fe, just a stone’s throw from the historic Santa Fe Plaza and all the other many attractions of this wonderful city—and raise a glass to our very own Julia Staab when you do! (You can read more about our resort’s history right here, by the way.)

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