Pure Wellness Rooms

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Pure Wellness rooms have been brought to Santa Fe, NM, perfect for those with allergies. Our Pure Rooms include the following:

  1. One Time Shock Treatment eliminate contaminants
  2. Sanitize and treat air through the air-handling unit
  3. Sanitize carpet and upholstery using all-natural plant based Pure Clean
  4. Surface Treatment: Apply Pure Shield anti-microbial treatment
  5. Air Purification: Install an air purification system (Class II Medical device)
  6. Fresh Air: Install Tea Tree Oil cartridge in the air-handling unit
  7. Hypoallergenic: Install hypoallergenic pillows, mattress encasements and water filter

Reserve online, contact your preferred travel professional, or call 505-986-0000 for a Pure Wellness room in Santa Fe. Please mention promo code YX1.

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