Art & History of La Posada de Santa Fe

The sense of history is palpable at La Posada de Santa Fe.

That history goes back not just to the construction in the 1880s of the Staab House, or even centuries back to the formal establishment of Santa Fe in 1610—but thousands of years back through the rich depths of the region’s indigenous heritage, still very much a part of our cultural fabric.

Deep History at La Posada de Santa Fe

Among numerous nearby sites where greater Santa Fe’s indigenous history is on display is the fabulous Bandelier National Monument, a mere hour or so from La Posada de Santa Fe in the Jemez Mountains. Amid some stunning Southwestern scenery, marvel at well-preserved cliff dwellings, ceremonial kivas, and rock art of the Ancestral Pueblo people, who dwelled here from the 12th to the 16thcenturies.

Santa Fe: America’s Oldest State Capital

Don Pedro de Peralta, the governor of the New Spain province of New Mexico, founded Santa Fe in 1610 as its capital—thus making it the oldest state capital in the country. For essentially all its existence, Santa Fe has had a vibrant heart in the form of the Santa Fe Plaza: a portion of the city’s original central fort (presidio) that lies just minutes from our resort and remains a thrumming marketplace.

The History of Our Resort

Beginning in the 1820s, the Santa Fe Trail helped usher in a brand-new chapter for an already venerable city. Among many European emigrants who journeyed to New Mexico’s capital along that epic route was Abraham Staab of Germany. Abraham and his wife, Julia, built what we know today as the Staab House as a French Second Empire-style mansion that became a cornerstone of Santa Fe’s upscale social scene.

Julia—who never fully recovered from the death of one of the Staabs’ daughters—passed away in 1896, but her ghost is famously said to linger here at the resort. You can read more about Abraham and Julia at this La Posada de Santa Fe blogpost (and check out a more in-depth overview of our resort history in our history book).

Our Artistic Legacy at La Posada de Santa Fe

Our historical context and significance here at La Posada de Santa Fe comes interwoven with our long-standing devotion to the display of American (including Southwestern) art. Our professionally curated Gallery Collection has earned us the nickname of “The Art Hotel of Santa Fe,” and we’re proud to keep that tradition an energetic one by providing new artists the space to share their works.

Appreciate Southwestern Art & History at La Posada de Santa Fe

Taste the breadth and depth of Santa Fe heritage and culture at La Posada de Santa Fe, the perfect luxury home base for both history buffs and art lovers in Santa Fe!

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