Betty Nance Smith

Betty Nance Smith is an award-winning Artist who for years has been recognized internationally as a
respected member of the prestigious society, Oil Painters of America. Southwest Art Magazine did a
feature story in the summer of 2011 titled "The Best Artists in the West". Betty Nance Smith was one of
six Artists featured. She paints what she sees in the traditional Russian method, using "set-ups" in her
studio to mark her way. She draws from life, keeping things to scale, and then mixes an exquisite palette
before she begins to paint. These painting techniques have inspired masters for centuries. Betty Nance
Smith charms her audiences when she tells them that she begins painting every composition with whatever
wilts first! The flowers, their shadows, the fruit, and then the settings are painted in a style that can only be
described as "old world elegance". Betty Nance Smith lives in Los Alamos, thirty five miles from La
Posada. She welcomes studio visitors, and it is my pleasure to make the arrangements as I know it is
always a remarkable experience. I have an easy map and suggestions of what you can see and do along the
way. Whenever you discover an Artist whose work you adore, I encourage you to meet them in person. It
adds a special dimension to your life, but also to theirs.
Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator
Curator's Office: 505-954-9668

BETTY NANCE SMITH REMEMBERS: "I have loved drawing and doing things with color since I can
remember. Elementary school is when I took off. I became even more focused when my Mom realized I
loved art more than piano lessons. She had come early to my teacher's house to listen to my piano playing,
but she encountered silence, because I was busy drawing a cat on the piano teacher's waste basket! I was
thrilled when art classes replaced the piano, although I can read music to this day. I was at Eastern New
Mexico University studying for a special education degree with a minor in art, but that didn't last lasted
through the first semester. My love for the art classes took over! When I told my parents that I had
decided to be an Artist, I was happy and surprised that my father OK'd the idea saying, "It may be a hard
way to make money, but I know you will be happy!"