Elizabeth Elequin

Elizabeth Elequin is one of our youngest painters, but a study of her work shows that she is gifted and skilled well beyond her years.  As Curator, it is exciting for me to see talent of her magnitude in the early decades of her career. She paints in acrylics and mixes palettes of bright, festive colors that make her paintings the center of attention wherever they are seen.  

Her newest series is a spectacular collection of very modern, square, larger-than-life blossoms of old-fashioned favorite flowers like hollyhocks and roses and poppies.  They add a kiss to La Posada's Gallery Collection which has world-class art by accomplished, living, American Artists in varied styles and subjects.  Elizabeth Elequin is one of the young Artists that I encourage my own children to collect, as it is such fun getting in on the ground floor of someone on the rise.  

Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator  

Curator's Office:  505-954-9668

ELIZABETH ELEQUIN REMEMBERS: "I started painting as a very young child, but my endeavors with serious art did not take place until my freshman year of college.  I originally enrolled as a commercial art major, but when I embarked on my first formal painting class, I quickly realized my passion lived in the studio. Being an artist literally gives me LIFE.  It means not just living from day to day and existing comfortably.  It means living to the fullest – living with meaning and purpose – living as I think God intended me to live.  Using the gift He blessed me with provides me with such bliss and passion and allows me to share the same with others."