Elizabeth Rickert

THE ART CURATOR’S PROFILE OF ELIZABETH RICKERT: Elizabeth Rickert is one of our new artists in La Posada’s Gallery Collection. Her work is attracting attention from collectors who have returned to discover these bold, gorgeous grasses, featured in the historic Staab House. It is a pleasure to include her work with our other notable artists. Ms. Rickert has a gift for choosing subjects with depth and wonder. Her colors are just beyond everyday reality. Her exquisite subjects capture still moments which hint at the wealth found in the natural backgrounds of our lives. The artist’s endless hours in the studio show in her work. The first time I saw Elizabeth Rickert’s originals they took my breath away. Just wait! When you see her oil paintings in person, you will know first-hand what I am talking about.

Sara Eyestone, La Posada’s Art Curator Curator’s Office: 505-954-9668

ELIZABETH RICKERT REMEMBERS: “It’s interesting where you go in a 40 year art career. I look back now and see that I have learned many different technical skills in oil painting, but what is most important is that I have learned the subtlety of catching a moment in time and portraying that complexity in nature, bringing a richness to it that is beyond our conscious, objective ability to describe… beyond our expectations. I see beauty and freeze it into an object that puts the viewer on notice: Be attentive.”