James Wyatt Hendricks

The proportions of James Wyatt Hendrick's graceful steel cut sculptures, featured at La Posada, reflect the movement and forms around us. He is a master craftsman, known for his brilliant style as seen in his public art pieces.  His new sculpture here at the hotel is designed for residential garden settings. He bridges together natural elements with the industrial, reflecting the world where we live. Mr. Hendrick's intention through sculpture is to create a balancing act which mirrors perfection in nature, and he strives for that ideal in every piece he creates.  Attention to detail is essential and defines his glorious work.  As La Posada's Art Curator, it gives me great pleasure to introduce his art in Santa Fe.  On a personal note, I had one of Mr. Hendrick's sculptures taken from the hotel garden and delivered to our home last week so it could be crated for shipment to a Collector.  I was not there when the delivery arrived, and discovered that the piece was placed on our patio rather than at our work area. What a spectacular surprise!  Needless to say, our next acquisition will be one of James Wyatt Hendrick's sculpture!  
Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator  
Curator's Office:  505-954-9668  
JAMES HENDRICKS REMEMBERS:  "I was one of those kids who drew all the time.  I won first place in the art fair when I was in the first grade and got my first set of oil paints when I was eleven.  Sculpture fascinated me, and  when I saw the sculpture garden at the World's Fair with the work of contemporary masters like Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Brancusi, and David Smith who became famous in the '20's and '30's  for welded steel, I was impressed and determined to be an Artist like them. I was ten at the time."