Jill Pankey

Jill Pankey is a "hoot" and so are her paintings!  They are perfect in the Staab Bar of the hotel where she paints whenever she and her husband are in Santa Fe.  Her spirited compositions are imaginative and joyful, much like the Artist herself.  She loves her life, and it shows in her work.  Several of Jill Pankey's paintings show dancers whooping it up. The inspiration came from a Margarita Party she and her husband had at her Texas studio.  Country Western music blared while her fellow professors from the university arrived and were served "toddies" made by Bob Pankey himself.  In due course the Artist brought out her baskets of cowboy boots and tutus, and as her guests decked themselves out and continued to dance, Jill Pankey took photos of everyone and the festivities as subjects for an ongoing series!   Remind me when you are in the Staab Bar to point out which set of legs belongs to the head of the science department!

Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator
Curator's Office:  505-954-9668

JILL PANKEY REMEMBERS:  "I always thought I would grow up to be an Artist…. I was born into it!  I started making art at 4 or 5. I went to college to get an all-level art education degree, but discovered I made more money as a graphic Artist, so that is what I did, initially.  I worked for agencies. I was a newspaper Artist, a forensic Artist, an art director for the local TV station, and I did years of freelancing before I went back to school to get a Masters of Fine Art so I could teach in a university. Today I teach , and I paint my heart out!  Being an Artist is who I am, and I cannot imagine life without it."