Mary Shepard

Mary Shepard is famous for her prize-worthy watercolors.  Here at La Posada we have two of her series:  AMERICAN HERITAGE is a collection of paintings of abandoned New Mexican trucks, and TECHNICOLOR CACTUS features some of the most exquisite watercolor cactus paintings I have ever seen.  We also have several of the Artist's oil paintings featuring table settings in interiors.  They are elegant compositions and show how multitalented Mary Shepard is.  Her expressive paintings are a feast for the eye with an unmistakable style that is quite her own.  Ms. Shepard paints with bold color.  "Growing up on a farm in this land of enchantment fostered my passion for color and light and led to my explorations with painting techniques."  This New Mexican Artist lives and works in south Texas where she is widely known as one of their Stars, but we can live with that, knowing it all began here!  
Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator  
Curator's Office:  505-954-9668 

MARY SHEPARD REMEMBERS:  "In High School I realized that all the classes and projects I really liked involved drawing or some type of art or design.  I studied art in college and became an interior designer.  Fifteen years ago I put my "conventional" career aside to become a full time, independent studio Artist.  Art has always been my passion and the only thing I really love doing."