Signe Bergman

Signe Bergman is one of the most inspired oil painters I know.  A visit to her studio while she paints is an incredible experience! She works from watercolor sketches that she created during her frequent travels.  These drawings serve as notes, if you will, and are done on small, blank spiral tablets wth a sable brush and a small tin of watercolors.  When she returns to her Santa Fe studio, Signe Bergman is full of ideas and ready to paint!  I have seen her sort the painted pages she tears from her tablets saying, "These work together as a painting and so does this group over here."  She begins her process unlinke anyone I know. A brush full of turpentine, large enough to paint a wall with, is dipped into all the colors on her palette at once, and then across the top of her blank stretched canvas.  These thinned oil colors mix and run together as they stream down the canvas, making loose, fanciful patterns in an under-painting that only the Artist deciphers.  The actual composition begins when she picks up a smaller brush, refers to her water color sketches, and paints into the wet drips of color.  Signe Bergman's paintings 'read' like a memoire and she paints a world all her own.  We encourage our guests who love her work to visit her studio in person.  It is near the hotel and the hightpoint of the vacation, for those who make time.  When I arrange studio visits wiht our guests, I know without a doubt they will come away with an unforgettable experience.  I did.

Sara Eyestone, La Posada's Art Curator

Curator's Office:  505-954-9668

SIGNE BERGMAN REMEMBERS:  "In school, I was always the class Artist.  Unfortunately, my parents and teachers discouraged me from considering art as a career, so in college, I majored in what my family considered 'serious studies' and took art courses as electives.  But I am an Artist, regardless of my major!  It is my identity, my pleasure, my measure of accomplishment and sense of fulfillment.  Being a professional, working Artist is my life's reward."